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Caitlin Sierra

Caitlin trained her first dog at the age of two!! In 2005, she started teaching obedience classes with Lisa-Marie, and currently teaches 9 -11 classes per week. Her experience has come from working with her mother, Lisa Marie Janotka, and her grandmother, P.J. Reilly, in classes as well as in the kennel.

"We've had dogs going to Four Paws for over 10 years. Never once were they less than crazily, happily excited when we pulled to their door."

- Vincent Gallo

Visit 873 Clearfield Ave

or call:


Dog playing with ball Cute puppy in the lawn

Caitlin also is involved in obedience trials, therapy dog work, agility, flyball, and other "doggy" activities.


Along with PJ and Lisa-Marie, Cailtin’s Top concern is where the average dog owner to have a well-mannered, happy, obedient pet that can be enjoyed.